More Grace, Less Pressure

For leaders who want to feel lighter and more energized, navigate uncertainty with confidence, and have a calm presence from the inside out.

Next Grace Salon:
Friday, July 5 2024 (Zoom)
9-11am EST

Why grace, now?

We’re under pressure and the pressure is increasing:

  • in the workplace – where we’re asked to do less with more, and compete with each other for seemingly scarce organizational resources/opportunities

  • in the world – as we’ve known it, that seems like it’s coming to an end

  • with family and friends – that may need or demand more support than ever

  • within ourselves – to know how to respond, especially if we struggle with overthinking, perfectionism, anxiety and lack of self-confidence due to past trauma

We can lose sleep trying to “figure out” the answers or “understand why” things are the way they are. When we lean into grace (acceptance, self-forgiveness, appreciation), we get relief from overthinking, create more space in the moment, and can notice what is emerging for us.

“Have you ever noticed that setting up a deadline for generating a creative solution is not nearly as fruitful as creating some additional spaciousness in the day, time to let the mind be creative?”
Janice Marturano, Institute for Mindful Leadership

The Grace Salon is for you if:

  • You notice an increased sense of pressure within yourself and around you.
  • You feel anxious or nervous about the way the world is heading.

  • You’re concerned about your work and capacity to sustain yourself over time.
  • It feels like nothing else is helping and you’re tired and/or frustrated.

  • You have a sense that something else is possible – a different way of showing up and responding – and you’d like to explore that further.

Welcome to the Grace Salon

What is the Grace Salon?

The Grace Salon is a 2-hour exploration of grace in community with each other.

The salons are non-religious, virtual, and small (6 to 8 people).  They are curated with people that also find the idea of grace interesting, are committed to learning in life, and have their own wisdom to share, .

Grace Salons are facilitated by Maggie Coulter, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Trauma-Informed Certified Coach (TICC), Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist, and experienced facilitator.

What You Can Expect

Facilitated learning and new perspectives around grace:

  • Facilitated self-reflection and breakout conversations – focused on optimal learning and safety in a group space

  • Explore your understanding of, and connection (or disconnection) with grace, what is calling you around grace, what keeps it out of reach, what other words you use to describe it

  • Engage with grace practice in the moment – reflecting on the tenets of grace practice (see A Model for Grace Practice below) as they relate to your work, life and current pressures

  • Identify intentions for moving out of the Grace Salon with what is emerging for you in the conversation

Drawing on the work of Otto Scharmer (Theory U), Dr. Danny Penman, Janice Marturano, James Baraz, Doug Silsbee, Hougaard, Carter & Coutts, and many others. 

Register For An Upcoming Grace Salon

Friday, July 5, 2024 (Zoom)
9-11am EST

Fee: $175 

Includes: your own copy of

Be the Tree: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Mindful Leadership

+ Free Grace practice temporary tattoo for each participant! (Cda & U.S. only)


Still wondering if this is the right opportunity for you?
Connect with me for a conversation to learn more or to chat further.

“I’ve been inspired by your mantra – nothing is required… A few days ago, I had a new awareness and it led me to a mantra for me: it’s ok to not to know. It is so helpful and profound to say this to myself. My heart relaxes. I guess you know the feeling!

– Julie Lautens

“It was informative to learn about grace as a practice… It’s so valuable to create that spaciousness once in a while, to turn our thoughts to something new to spark some creativity, to fire up the right side of our brains in a new way.”

– Paula Attfield

“I felt safe in the space and observed how you appreciated each person’s views and made us feel welcomed and supported. The whole experience was fluid and left me with a great feeling, and some goodness to think about and lean into…”

– Guy Reichard

“…there was beauty in coming together as a group on the topic itself.  It was an expression of grace to take an hour of our days to come together in faith that some benefit would come from raising the topic together and hearing and using words that would describe something precious beyond words.”

– Shamina Senaratne

About Maggie Coulter, PCC, TICC

Maggie Coulter is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Trauma-Informed Certified Coach (TICC), an Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist, and experienced facilitator.

While not limited to this area of focus, Maggie specializes in career and leadership coaching for people who have experienced past trauma that may hold them back in the present. She supports people to navigate stressful work situations and lead with confidence

Maggie is also Co-Principal of PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc, an organization that specializes in inclusion-based leadership development, coach education and certification.

1:1 Grace-based Leadership Coaching

For leaders in work and life:

People that have the courage and capacity to do the difficult inner work in order to find their way back home to themselves (and that positively influence others as a result).

Why this program matters:

The world is changing and the pressure is increasing; on ourselves, from others, and on the whole. The old ways of working with our brains are unhelpful and even harmful – we’re stressing ourselves out with overthinking and a fix-it mindset.

We need to develop new ways of relating to and with ourselves so that we can feel lighter and more energized, and tune into more of our own wisdom.


What you’ll focus on:
  • Exploring and connecting with your own experience of grace* and what that means to you
  • Identifying your own sources of internal and external pressure and recognizing how they may be limiting your capacity to respond well
  • Clarifying for yourself what it looks like to live and work in a more grace-based way, and why that matters for you now
  • Developing your own practice for living and working with grace, and establishing new habits to support that over time

*Note: part of our exploration may include finding a different word/image that serves you better.

  • 8 x 1:1 coaching sessions, every 2 to 3 weeks by Zoom
  • Access to supportive resources and exercises
  • Includes 90-minute discovery/intake session to get clear on what will make this worthwhile for you and how we can best work together
  • Midway check-in and completion sessions
  • Unlimited email access between sessions

Contact to register.


Leading With Grace: 6-week immersive workshop

Details and Fall 2024 dates TBA soon!

A Model For Grace Practice

Choose Silence

Put down the phone, turn off the TV, and be with silence for the moment – however uncomfortable it may seem.

Nothing Is Required

Don’t try to figure anything out in that moment and let go of having to.

Notice What Emerges

A thought, a feeling. Often rising quietly in the back of the mind, these emergent little nuggets are the voice of wisdom and have much to offer in the moment.


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